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More than ever before, companies are needed to contribute in shaping our societies actively. 'Taking cover' and hiding in the shadows as they used to do, is not an option anymore as our world is becoming more and more transparent. Insights gained from Media and Marketing Intelligence help corporations to look beyond their own horizons and to perceive what is or will be important in the world.


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UNICEPTA Launches New Executive News Briefing Technology in United States



Executive News Briefing addresses the need for more powerful resources to combat daily information overload Briefings use a combination of human expertise and analysis with AI-powered crawling technology


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UNICEPTA continues to strengthen its global presence



Ester Lautert (South America) and Eric Bazoin (International) appointed to Vice President Business Development posts.


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UNICEPTA acquires Berlin AI start-up Giance



UNICEPTA expands product range for corporate communication, marketing, and other strategic corporate areas. Giance founder Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit will join the Advisory Board of UNICEPTA Group.


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Solution Provider UNICEPTA expands its Mobility Unit



Media & Marketing Intelligence is increasingly in demand with OEMS and suppliers: Global UNICEPTA Mobility Team strengthend regionally with specialists in Germany, the UK, US, South America and Asia.


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