UNICEPTA launches new Executive News Briefing technology in United States

  • New media-monitoring solution offers the next level of executive news briefing for the United States market
  • Executive News Briefing addresses the need for more powerful resources to combat daily information overload
  • Briefings use a combination of human expertise and analysis with AI-powered crawling technology



UNICEPTA, the global market leader in media and marketing intelligence, has announced the launch of its Executive News Briefing technology in the United States. This innovative media monitoring service that combines state of the art technology with human expertise addresses the need for more powerful resources to support executives in combating daily information overload with the ability to quickly access all essential daily information on a single page to better understand and utilize their daily news coverage.

As the global media landscape evolves and grows, it becomes increasingly more difficult for companies to stay on top of news coverage and determine which content is most relevant. This proves a challenge for C-suite executives and communication professionals alike as the ability to understand and interpret what information is crucial for developing strategy and making decisions becomes convoluted. UNICEPTA’s Executive News Briefing delivers a new solution to help solve these issues and execute news coverage in the United States. It consists of high-level summaries delivered in a magazine-style, interactive format to help leaders and their teams capture opportunities and to benefit from data-driven insights.

These unique briefings combine human expertise and analysis with AI-powered crawling technology to capture relevant, ready to use content from over 460 million media sources, from every location to deliver a simpler, cleaner more useful solution for daily media briefings. While most media reviews simply focus on specific company coverage, UNICEPTA’s briefing solution goes further to deliver a broader, topic scope approach to provide valuable insight on the most important conversations and discussions to help executives understand what’s relevant.

“Maintaining pace with the evolution of the global media landscape is key to assuring our customers have access to the data they need to capture opportunities and mitigate risks,” said Timo Thomann-Rompf, CPO Unicepta Group & CEO Americas. “This new solution helps filter this growing amount of data by providing daily media monitoring and reporting with a range of insight and depth that combats information overload without the risk of leaving out essential information.”

The Executive News Briefing incorporates multi-lingual, cross-media editorial summaries compiled and written by experienced senior editors, consultants and analysts from dedicated industry teams. Additionally, the Executive News Briefing includes integrated social media coverage, clearly designed media analytics, combined with a state-of-the-art user experience which includes branded design, custom categories and more.



UNICEPTA is a global provider of Media & Marketing Intelligence. With AI-driven technology and over 450 analysis and monitoring experts, UNICEPTA analyzes worldwide content from social, online, print, TV and radio as well as numerous other data sources - in real time and at any other desired time. In short: UNICEPTA enables companies to listen better and derive appropriate actions. The analyzes and insights serve global and industry-leading companies and organizations as a basis for decisions in corporate management as well as in communication and marketing. UNICEPTA offices are in Berlin, Cologne (head office), Kraków, London, Shanghai, Sao Paolo, Washington DC and Zurich.



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