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A study of visual representation of
marginalised people in Instagram content





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Diversity and inclusion (D&I) policies, programmes and pledges are now a key part of ESG strategy for many organisations and must be truly embedded into organisational DNA across functions and at all levels to make a difference. Although this must go beyond words to deeds and actions, it does include how organisations communicate to people, both internally and externally, in an inclusive way to ensure that marginalised people feel heard, understood and represented, leading to positive impact in terms of both internal and external communications.

Our new study aims to show how well brands have embraced diversity and inclusion on social media at a visual level. What you can expect to learn:


  • Which industry sectors have the highest levels of diversity?

  • Where are there opportunities for increased visual representation?

  • How do marginalised identities intersect with each other in visual content?









How and which marginalised communities are represented on social media in corporate contexts




Opportunities for improvement: how should organisations approach diversity and inclusion




How do levels of visual representation differ between industry sectors




Recommendations on how to improve levels of visual representation on social media

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