Media & Marketing Intelligence is increasingly in demand with OEMS and suppliers: Provider UNICEPTA expands its Mobility Unit

  • Global UNICEPTA Mobility Team strengthend regionally with specialists in Germany, the UK, US, South America and Asia
  • New office in Brazil / São Paulo opened
  • World-wide 24/7 media intelligence services for OEMs and suppliers with global requirements



Hardly any other industry is changing faster than the automotive industry. This has long since not only been about sales figures, questions on sustainable propulsion technologies or autonomous driving features, but rather about viewing mobility as a holistic concept in society. Metropolitan areas drive the discourse on a general ban on cars from city centers. Ride sharing and hailing services are discovered as an alternative for owning a car, with motorists’ individual relationships to their cars currently changing. At the same time, alternative automotive companies are coming up with new solutions for the last mile, for instance. As a result, carmakers not only compete with each other, but also have to contend with an increasingly complex and dynamic market environment. What is more, automotive companies are turning into mobility providers.


“The faster and more disruptive changes in the automotive sector occur, the bigger the need among companies to receive the most important information in real time 24/7. The current market conditions – from raw material shortages to natural disasters and pandemics to wars – are especially challenging. At the same time, actively taking responsibility for the environment, staff and other areas relevant to society is becoming more and more important. Only companies that manage to listen and base their decisions on relevant data in this complex environment can use the insights gained to act accordingly and ensure success while shouldering their responsibility towards society and their business. Our media intelligence technologies are able to depict exactly that. This means we help our clients to not only recognize risks and react quickly, but also to spot emerging topics of interest very early, enabling them to be a leader in communication in said topics,” says UNICEPTA CEO Jochen Freese. “Our services, like topic & trend listening, or crisis alerting, serve our clients on different levels and grant key insights ranging from how to take appropriate measures for communication to risk management for supply chains. It’s important to us to have specialists with in-depth knowledge in the key markets of our client’s sectors. In a globalized market, we place great value on having teams on-site, as you can only listen if you are familiar with regional communication and can evaluate and channel relevant data correctly.”


With our regional teams of specialists, UNICEPTA reacts accordingly to growing demand from clients like Bosch, Continental, Daimler Truck, Mercedes-Benz, Nio, Siemens or Stellantis Group. To date, UNICEPTA has offices on four continents – for instance in Detroit, Washington D.C., Shanghai and London, Cologne and Berlin as well as a recent one in São Paulo, Brazil. Thanks to cooperations with external industry experts, among them the US Center for Automotive Research (CAR), we generate additional market insights that go beyond pure media intelligence and connect true media information with business factors like sales figures. This shows clients sustainable information and opportunities to take successful action.


“As a media intelligence expert, our range of services for companies from the mobility sector includes classic media reviews and holistic analysis complemented by development of globally uniform KPI frameworks. With the mobility sector being globally interconnected and complex, there is great demand for our services. Especially consulting on strategic tasks and questions surrounding positioning with data-based insights has been growing strongly in recent years. Our clients not only request retrospective performance measurement, but also predictive consulting. The ”What now?” is at the forefront. As integrated newsrooms, for instance, are creating a wealth of data flows, we are tasked with identifying and evaluating data that is most relevant to our clients or may have a significant impact in the future. To find said data, we deploy the most innovative media intelligence technology on the market, with results being refined further thanks to interpretation and consulting by our experts’ extensive know-how. Only their level of skill enables us to put the generated and analyzed facts into an overall context valuable to our clients. It is this concentrated knowledge that give our mobility customers a competitive edge, protects from potential dangers and is the basis for responsible action,” says Silke Nehlig, Senior Vice President responsible for UNICEPTA’s Mobility Unit.

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UNICEPTA is a globally successful provider of media & marketing intelligence. With AI-driven technology and over 450 analysis and monitoring experts, UNICEPTA analyzes available content from social media, online, print, TV and radio broadcasts as well as various other sources worldwide – in real time and at any other desired point in time. In brief: UNICEPTA allows companies to listen better and formulate a strategy on how to act. Our analyses and insights are what global companies or organizations and market leaders base their decisions on, whether it’s in management, communication or marketing. UNICEPTA has offices in Berlin, Cologne (headquarters), Krakow, London, Shanghai, São Paulo, Washington D.C. und Zurich. Around 70 percent of all Dax-listed companies in Germany trust UNICEPTA’s expertise.



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