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How are Germany's leading companies positioning themselves towards artificial intelligence?





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Ever since ChatGPT became available to the public, the topic of artificial intelligence has become mainstream. But even before its launch in November 2022, the topic was already taking shape in Germany. And not just in science fiction films. From research to independent units within large corporations, many companies have already been working on possible applications and the sensible use of artificial intelligence in business contexts.


We have analyzed how Germany's leading companies have positioned themselves on AI topics in a post-ChatGPT world over the past year. How do companies present themselves to the public on revolutionary artificial intelligence topics? Find out in our latest analysis who made it into the top 20 most relevant companies for AI in Germany. As part of an AI-based media analysis, 13,255 articles and posts published from January 1, 2023 to November 15, 2023 were evaluated to determine the reach of the companies in the media public in the field of artificial intelligence.

This report provides important insights for communicators and marketing decision-makers:


  • Which companies are positioning themselves as pioneers in AI topics?

  • Which CEOs and/or company spokespeople are particularly in focus?

  • Who attracts the most attention to AI topics in Germany?









How are Germany's leading companies positioning themselves towards topics related to artificial intelligence?




Which company leaders are the focus of particular public attention?




How are German medium-sized companies perceived in comparison to DAX companies when it comes to AI topics?

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