Make better decisions


You are expected to know - we help you with that. Due to the large volume of data available today, the manual approach to overseeing competitors, suppliers, customers, and market activities has become a challenging and time-consuming task.


However, to make a better decision, such a piece of knowledge is required.


Our Corporate Intelligence solutions use AI to detect, extract and process the most critical events, signals and information from the Internet. In real-time.


AI-driven Technology to Identify Relevant Events and Deliver Actionable Signals

UNICEPTA's Corporate Intelligence uses big data technology to crawl through more than 460 million open data sources.


By utilizing Machine Learning and Event Extraction methods, it detects and extract a wide variety of entities with complex relationships such as products, companies, people, and locations.


Such structured knowledge combined with advanced knowledge graph models, companies and individuals can have a holistic view of the world around them.


Crawling Web and Social Media


Crawling through more than 400 million source from online media and social media using Big Data Technology.

Entity recognition

Detect relevant events


Using a Machine Learning Approach, we can recognize a wide variety of entities such as products, companies, people, or locations.

Signal Extraction

Extract and understand events


The model understands complex entity relationships and events in which they were involved. Duplicates can be removed and hidden insights and information are uncovered.


Push actionable insights


Our customers receive the relevant results via API, Web Interface, File or Daily mail.

»Our team turns the latest AI advances into high-impact solutions for our global customers.«


Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit, founder GIANCE Technologies and Co-founder DFKI

UNICEPTAs Corporate Intelligence, previously GIANCE, was founded as a spin-off the German Research Centre of Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) by Prof. Dr. Hans Uszkoreit. The technology developed after many years of research at DFKI, Saarland University, and Peking University.


And it has been supported by project grants from the German Ministry for Education and Research, the German Research Foundation, two Google research awards, industrial cooperation projects from the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, grants from the Chinese National Research Foundation, and R&D contracts from industrial corporations.




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Use Cases

Risk Intelligence for Supply Chain


Know what troubles to expect.


Steady production needs efficient procurement. Yet, the increased supplier numbers, diversity, geographic distance and language barriers lead to complex supply chain management, production planning, and procurement, making risk monitoring difficult. Constant and systematic monitoring of suppliers with respect to financial, operational, and technological capabilities needed - Critical suppliers need to be watched for risks 24/7, and prospective suppliers need to be watched for potential.